Highlands Farm~ Beyond Organic Eggs

100% Pasture & National Forest Raised - Soy Free - No GMO's - No Wheat - No Hormones - No Medications.


We are here!  From (way) Upstate NY to the Highlands of Virginia!  Starting our new life and ready to share our wonderful eggs with you!  We have raised chickens and sold these "Beyond Organic" eggs since 2015.  Our pastured hens run around free ranging each day in the pasture, forest, fresh air, sunshine, rain and wind. They are locked in cozy at night from predators. Their feed is grown and milled here in Virginia... how perfect is that?!  Soy Free, No GMO's, No Wheat, No Hormones, No Medications.  Alleviate allergies, get rid of SOY in your diet and get the most clean, nutritious food in a little brown package from God!   

Please reach out anytime with questions.  Feel free to sign up for our newsletter with updates on the chickens, feed and information pertaining to Soy, Wheat and GMOS!  

*Cash only at this time.

*Prices:  $6.00 a dozen  - $3.00 a 6 pack

*Pre-Orders accepted via text,or email.

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